Why The Printing Process MATTERS

Direct printing is the best solution for anyone who wants long-lasting printed graphics that weather better than separately adhered printing.

Why It’s Different

We invested considerably into our printing process – an award-winning, top-of-the-line, UV ink HP printer that prints DIRECTLY onto the surface of any sign material – saving you additional costs in the long run from cheaper quality printer problems.
Budget Signs Madison Printer FB550-2T

Our printing process is the top-of-the-line and won’t do that. We print directly onto the sign surface, allowing us to avoid peeling, adhesion issues, fading and unnecessary waste.

The inks are colorfast, scratch resistant and waterproof. Because we can print on many different substrates, the durability of your sign now depends on the durability of the substrate, not the printing.

Those other printers often use environmentally-problematic solvent inks that must print onto a adhesive vinyl material that THEN gets attached to the actual sign, leaving plenty of room for peeling and lack of adhesion over time.
Budget Signs Madison Sign Example

Direct Printing produces a durable image that will last for years and is easy to maintain. Whether it’s a reusable vinyl banner that’s going to make an appearance year after year, or detailed artwork printed to a piece of aluminum, banner or canvas – get the best quality print possible.

Environmentally Friendly

Also our process is environmentally friendly. The inks we use do not contain the large amounts of harmful solvents that other conventional large format printing methods use. Nearly all of the ink is consumed by the printing process, minimizing waste.

Also, our direct printing does not require any vinyl media, adhesives or additional laminating films. Eliminating these materials and heavy solvent inks means there’s far less going into our landfills or atmosphere. And that’s better for the planet!